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About Me


Sébastien Mondo Romero Energy healing

Who am I?

I am a highly sensitive person. This involves experiencing high levels of empathy and increased sensitivity to subtle stimuli (visual, kinesthetic and energetic). Sensory processing sensitivity can be a precious asset for navigating life, but it requires accepting one's vulnerability and being able to observe one's sensations, and channel the messages received, while remaining equanimous.


In a therapeutic situation, this gives me the opportunity to use my impressions and intuitions as a source of additional information, to guide me during the session. This allows me to access a deeper perspective of the situation, always validating it with the person.

Accompanying my clients through self-exploration, and encouraging kindness, is for me a way to help them find awareness, that is essential to a long lasting sense of well-being.

My background

After graduating with a Master's degree in biology, I worked for several years doing research for different scientific institutes around the world.

My travels and field work gave me the chance to have rich experiences, and helped me to understand my desire to bring people closer to nature. As a result, I chose to distance myself from the academic world, to continue on a path that would bring me closer to my core values.

I decided to study herbal medicine, looking for a balance between science and tradition. Through this holistic approach to health, I became more familiar with the notion of dimensions of the human being: the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. This led me to explore energetic practices, and, after experiencing Polarity Therapy as a client, I became passionate about it!

After training for two year at Guijek - Quebec Institute for Integral Health, I am now a Polarity practitioner in Montreal.​ I am always happy to accompany people who wish to discover or explore this technique, and it would be my pleasure to work with you.

Code of Ethics

To guarantee an ethical, responsible and safe practice for my clients, I decided to join the Quebec Federation of certified Massage Therapists (FQM), therefore following the code of ethics of the association. ​​I believe that it is important to regulate the professional practice of massage therapy in order to protect the public and to encourage trust within therapeutic relationships. In my opinion, this greatly helps to optimize the effectiveness of the technique.

Being a member of the federation also allows me to issue insurance receipts for my clients.

A few words from my clients

Sebastien's treatments are so gentle that they touch you in the depths of your being. Many things have changed in my life since my therapy with him, and I am grateful and thankful for that. - Réda

I had the chance to do a seven sessions therapy with Sebastien Romero. From his sunny office, he offered me a warm and attentive welcome. His integrity and Polarity skills have earned my trust over our meetings. I was able to advance smoothly to meet my challenges, explore my patterns, clarify my life goals. I came out clearer, lighter and more fulfilled. - Gabrielle

Each session was very beneficial for me, I came out much more centered and rested each time. Sébastien adapts his technique each personality. Ideal when there are periods of stress or questioning. I also learned a lot about myself. I cannot wait for my next session! - Jean

I loved the hospitality and the care given to the treatment. Excellent listening and intelligence of perception. - Virginie

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