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Polarity Therapy


Polarity therapy aims to harmonize vital energy, thus enabling the body's own intelligence to initiate a process of self-healing.

Polarity therapy helps to rebalance on physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual levels. It can thus help relieve various types of discomforts (acute pain, inflammation, headaches, stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression...), by targeting the deep source of the imbalance.

My vision

In my opinion, the most interesting aspect of the approach is that it can guide the reconnection to one's self through the body. It is indeed in the body that our fears and wounds from the past register.


Therefore, tuning in to our physical sensations is a valuable tool to identify the resistance and blockages which are at the root of our discomfort, and to free ourselves from them. It is also a great opportunity to live fully in all our dimensions, bringing our experience back to the present moment.


Polarity therapy teaches us to see ourselves in an authentic way, and invites us to accept and love our true nature. By creating a deep, lasting movement, it allows a gentle journey to experience a new way to be with ourselves.

My approach

In an environment of trust and kindness, I create a space that I hope is favourable to self-expression. To speak, hear and see ourselves.


Thanks to compassionate guidance, the person can dive deep to access their truth and gain greater awareness, while remaining in charge of their experience. Bringing awareness of what nourrishes us internally, and what no longer serves us, and is hindering our well-being.


In this way, we can take charge of our personal power and our experience.

The technique

The session begins with a discussion period that allows for a general understanding of the person's life story, to identify their discomforts and to target their objectives. Next, to offer a moment of relaxation, and to encourage the contact with oneself, I apply gentle pressure on specific areas of the client's body (who is dressed and lying on the massage table), based on the needs that were expressed, observation of bodily sensations and my deep knowledge of energy networks.

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